๐Ÿช™ $UTG

UTG is designed as the backbone of the Utgard ecosystem. The token will have multiple in-game utilities, especially for token holders. The primary goal of Utgard is to empower its users in the long run and give them a real incentive to play the game. Token holders will have the following advantages:

  • Boost of Gold earnings after each battle

  • Reduced waiting time for Chest Opening

  • Enter tournaments

  • Participate in governance of the Utgard DAO

UTG in-game

In Utgard, UTG serves as a valuable in-game currency that players can utilize for various purposes to enhance their gameplay experience. Here's how UTG is utilized in Utgard:

  1. Unlocking Chests: Players can use UTG to expedite the unlocking process of chests obtained from battles. Instead of waiting for the designated unlock time, players have the option to spend UTG to instantly unlock chests and access their contents immediately. This allows players to acquire cards and gold more rapidly, facilitating progression in the game.

  2. Purchasing Chests and Items: UTG can be used to acquire chests and other items directly from the in-game shop. Players can choose to spend UTG to purchase special chests, such as Legendary Chests or Epic Chests, which contain a guaranteed selection of rare and powerful cards. Additionally, UTG can be exchanged for other items, such as gold or special offers, available in the shop.

  3. Joining Challenges and Special Events: In Utgard, UTG serves as the entry fee for participating in special challenges and events. These challenges often feature unique gameplay modes or restrictions and offer exclusive rewards to participants. Players must spend UTG to enter these challenges, with the potential to earn valuable prizes based on their performance.

  4. Purchasing Emotes and Cosmetic Items: UTG can be used to acquire cosmetic items, such as emotes, skins, and other customization options, from the in-game shop. These items allow players to personalize their in-game experience and express themselves during battles by using unique animations and effects.

  5. Continuing Battles: In certain game modes, such as Challenges or Tournaments, players have the option to continue a battle after being defeated by spending UTG. This feature allows players to make another attempt at completing the challenge or achieving victory without starting over from the beginning.

UTG Pool Prize

The contribution to the prize pool in Utgard tournaments introduces an innovative mechanism that enhances the competitive dynamics and rewards players for their performance. Here's a more detailed explanation of how it works:

  1. Establishment of the Prize Pool: When a tournament is created in Utgard, organizers have the option to set up a prize pool as part of the tournament's structure. This prize pool serves as a collective pot of UTG tokens that will be distributed to the top performers in the tournament.

  2. Participant Contributions: To participate in the tournament, players are required to contribute a certain amount of UTG tokens as an entry fee. The entry fee is determined by the tournament organizer and can vary depending on factors such as the tournament's size, duration, and potential rewards.

  3. Pooling of UTG Contributions: As players join the tournament and pay their entry fees, their UTG contributions are pooled together to form the prize pool. The more participants that join the tournament, the larger the prize pool becomes, creating greater incentives for players to compete.

  4. Redistribution of Prizes: At the conclusion of the tournament, the prize pool is redistributed to the top performers based on their final rankings on the leaderboard. Typically, a portion of the prize pool is allocated to the top-ranking players, with higher-ranked players receiving larger shares of the prize pool.

  5. Incentivizing Participation and Competition: The existence of a prize pool incentivizes participation in the tournament as players are motivated to compete for a chance to win a share of the UTG tokens. Additionally, the competitive nature of the prize pool fosters heightened competition among players as they strive to secure higher rankings and greater rewards.

  6. Dynamic Gameplay Experience: The presence of a prize pool adds an extra layer of excitement and intensity to the tournament experience in Utgard. Players must strategize and perform at their best to earn a spot among the top performers and claim their share of the UTG tokens in the prize pool.

Overall, the contribution to the prize pool feature in Utgard tournaments enhances the competitive spirit, rewards players for their efforts, and enriches the overall gameplay experience by introducing dynamic and engaging competition dynamics.

To conclude, UTG plays a crucial role in Utgard, offering players a range of options to enhance their gameplay, acquire valuable rewards, and customize their in-game experience. Whether unlocking chests, participating in challenges, or purchasing cosmetic items, UTG provides players with opportunities to progress and enjoy the game to its fullest extent.

We have carefully designed Utgard tokenomics to ensure long-term sustainability and player involvement.

Utgard will issue a 600,000,000 fixed supply of $UTG tokens.

For more details, please refer to the following document: https://bit.ly/4eGYDRn

We decided to use a single token design as we believe that governance should belong to the players of the game. Moreover, the value of the Utgard ecosystem will only accrue to a single token, eliminating the possibility of community and project division. All rewards will be distributed from the Utgard treasury with a well-balanced mechanism to ensure in-game sustainability and deflationary dynamics.

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