๐Ÿ’ก How to play Utgard

As a Jarl of a newly formed clan, the long awaited quest will be to create an army, attacking other players to acquire both wealth and power. Stay vigilant as the night is cold and full of terror, other players will be mercilessly ready to confront you.

Utgard is a real-time mobile and player-versus-player game where players have to select a hero, create an army, and challenge other players.

What is Utgardโ€™s goal?

The ultimate goal of the game is to level up a Jarl to the highest possible level, enabling players to earn tokens and rewards. How do players level up? By winning battles against other players.

How do players win a game?

A 1 versus 1 game is user-friendly and straightforward; a player and his army will sink as many enemy Drakkars (viking longships) as possible before the 2 minutes time limit. In the event of a draw. An additional 1 minute sudden death (first player to sink a ship wins) period will be allotted. Each victory provides players a chest, a number of shields, and a number of tokens.


Utgard is an innovative play-and-earn, where players earn UTG (UTG is Utgard's native token, detailed later in the white-paper) tokens when they win a game. Given that many games give users ways to โ€œpay to winโ€, we decided to insert a maximum number of tokens that can be earned per day. Players will be able to play an unlimited amount of games (after the rewarding games limit is reached) and still have the possibility to earn tokens by participating in tournaments.

Arena level Estimated number of tokens won per battle (subject to change)

















Prepare your battle

Before a game, players will select 8 cards (each card represents a different warrior), half of which are available immediately once the game starts. Each time a card is placed, it will consume Mead points. Players are allowed a maximum of 10 Mead, which regenerates automatically (see mead section for further details). The numbers on the cards tell players how much Mead it costs to use the card during a game.

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