⚙️ P&E Mechanism

The play-to-earn mechanism has revolutionized the world of gaming, offering players the opportunity to earn real-world value for the time and effort they invest in playing games. This new concept has transformed the gaming industry, creating a new economy where players can earn digital currencies, tokens, and other in-game assets that have real-world value.

Previously, gaming was viewed as a leisure activity that provided entertainment but offered little to no monetary value. However, the play-to-earn mechanism has created a new paradigm where players can earn income by playing games, giving them a real incentive to engage with these digital worlds.

The earning part of the game is very straightforward, as there will be 3 ways to earn UTG:

  • Winning 1v1 battles and climbing in the leaderboard.

  • Playing tournaments (rewards are detailed in the tournament tab)

  • Staking their UTG (rewards are detailed in the staking tab)

Leaderboard Airdrop Mechanism

In Utgard, we leverage the leaderboard as a pivotal tool for UTG token distribution, rewarding the most proficient players with additional tokens based on their ranking. Here's how this system works:

  1. Token Airdrop Mechanism: Regularly, UTG tokens are airdropped to players based on their leaderboard performance. The higher a player's ranking on the leaderboard, the greater the amount of UTG tokens they receive. This fosters healthy competition and incentivizes players to strive for excellence in battles and tournaments.

  2. Performance-based Rewards: Players who consistently demonstrate exceptional skill and rank high on the leaderboard are duly recognized and rewarded for their achievements. Their dedication and prowess are acknowledged through increased token allocations, providing tangible benefits for their outstanding performance.

  3. Fair Distribution: The UTG token airdrop system ensures a fair and equitable distribution of rewards, as tokens are allocated proportionally to players' rankings. This encourages all players to actively engage with the game and aim for higher positions on the leaderboard, knowing that their efforts will be duly rewarded.

  4. Encouraging Player Engagement: By tying token rewards to leaderboard rankings, we encourage sustained player engagement and participation in Utgard. Players are motivated to continuously improve their skills, compete in battles, and climb the ranks, leading to a vibrant and dynamic gaming community.

  5. Enhancing the Gaming Experience: The UTG token airdrop system adds an extra layer of excitement and motivation to the gameplay experience in Utgard. Players are not only driven by the thrill of victory but also by the prospect of earning valuable rewards through their achievements on the leaderboard.

By integrating the leaderboard with UTG token airdrops, we create a compelling incentive structure that rewards skill, dedication, and competitive spirit, enriching the overall gaming experience in Utgard.

UTG Sustainability

To maintain balance and adapt to the evolving dynamics of Utgard's gameplay, the amount of airdropped tokens will be periodically adjusted. Here's how this adjustment process will be implemented:

  1. Regular Evaluation: The UTG token distribution system will undergo regular evaluations to assess its effectiveness and ensure that it remains aligned with the game's objectives and player engagement levels. These evaluations will consider factors such as player activity, leaderboard rankings, and overall token economy dynamics.

  2. Data Analysis: Comprehensive data analysis will be conducted to gauge player participation, leaderboard trends, and token distribution patterns. By examining these metrics, we can identify any potential imbalances or areas for improvement in the airdrop mechanism.

  3. Feedback Gathering: We will actively seek feedback from the player community regarding their experiences with the token airdrop system. This feedback will be invaluable in identifying areas where adjustments may be necessary and ensuring that any changes are in line with player preferences and expectations.

  4. Flexible Adjustment Mechanism: Based on the insights gained from data analysis and player feedback, adjustments to the amount of airdropped tokens will be made as needed. These adjustments will be implemented gradually and with careful consideration to maintain fairness and balance within the game ecosystem.

  5. Transparency and Communication: Throughout the adjustment process, transparency and communication will be paramount. Players will be informed of any changes to the token airdrop system through in-game announcements, community forums, and other communication channels. Additionally, the rationale behind these adjustments will be clearly explained to foster understanding and trust among the player base.

By adopting a proactive approach to adjusting the amount of airdropped tokens, we can ensure that the UTG token distribution system remains responsive to the evolving needs and dynamics of Utgard's gameplay, ultimately enhancing the overall player experience. Example of Weekly Leaderboard Airdrop:

Top 100: 3000 UTG airdropped to Each Player

Top 500: 1000 UTG airdropped to Each Player

Top 2000: 400 UTG airdropped to Each Player

Top 10,000: 200 UTG airdropped to Each Player

Top 50,000: 5 UTG airdropped to Each Player

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